Twiddy Operations Portal


Twiddy is a high-end vacation rental service in the Outer Banks.

Led development of a custom remote workflow management system for maintenance technicians and field staff. Additional capabilities were added to provide tools allowing front-office/administrative employees to oversee and dispatch scheduled jobs. Reporting utilities and email notification services were also implemented.

Project is used by 200+ staff members, usually by tablet or mobile device.


Existing data and infrastructure lived in a legacy, vendor-provided system using ASP.NET Web Forms/MVC and SQL Server. Having done significant consulting work in the legacy system prior to this project, we understood that building a dynamic application within the legacy infrastructure would be difficult and time consuming. The dashboard application was built using modern technologies, enabling rapid development while still making integration with the legacy system feasible.

REST API service

  • ASP.NET Core
  • Used Swashbuckle to create Swagger API, documentation, and client tools
  • Entity Framework for migrations and some simple queries, Dapper for more custom querying needs
  • Provisioned Postgres database for new data models; vendor and licensing issues made existing database difficult to work with
  • Hosted on Google Cloud using Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Branch-based continuous integration implemented in CircleCI

UI service

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • SASS
  • Bulma CSS framework